Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has pulled up insurers for not highlighting the projected rate of return in their product benefit illustration, reported the Economic Times on November 24, 2015. The directive to disclose the rate of return “with equal prominence and font size, at the same place and in the same page”… Read More

zika virus aedes aegypti mosquito

Electron micrograph of Zika virus. Virus particles happens to be 40 nm in diameter, an it has an outer envelope as well as a dense inner core. Virus Classification: Group: Group IV ((+)ssRNA) Family: Flaviviridae Genus: Flavivirus Species: Zika virus   Zika virus/ˈziːkə, ˈzɪkə/(ZIKV) is an individual from the virus family Flaviviridae and the genus… Read More

5 Key Features of an Immediate Annuity Plan

Pension analysts say that immediate annuity plans could generate guaranteed income at the rate of 7.44% to 9.78%, owing to the falling interest regime expected in India, says an article published in The Times of India in December 2015. Unlike the developed nations, where the government has a national social security system to take care… Read More

finance companies in India

Personal savings in India increased to Rs 22,124.14 billion in 2013 from Rs 20,547.37 billion in 2012, according to data published by Trading Economics. Do you have surplus money lying idle in your savings account? You can invest the same in various investment options available in the market and earn higher returns. Both banks and… Read More

stem cell therapy in India

  Stem cells are undifferentiated cells obtained from various sources within the human body. These cells have the unique ability to divide indefinitely and produce more specialized types of cells to form tissues and from tissues, organs. In the process, new and healthy body components can be created that can potentially repair, replenish, regenerate or… Read More