Baby crying or screaming make parents go mad. It effects on every single part of the body. Baby crying make us go wild, nervous, even make parents go out of control.

Is it that we don’t like the noise of baby crying, why is it we run away from crying baby? Or is it the shrill fact that we can’t handle a crying baby? Whatever be the questions raised the answer to all baby crying fact is YES!

Few tips to calm a crying baby are mentioned below, can’t give a word that it will work, but anything is worth a try when you are in a position to need a help. Before we listing the ways to stop baby crying, always try to understand the reason behind a baby crying. There my be many things that your crying baby needs, maybe your affection, attention a nap, a feeding, a change of  diaper,… etc whatever the list maybe. It is the responsibilities of a mother to understand the needs of their crying baby.

Best way of communication of a baby is their cries, try to understand and note each cries of your baby and making the difference jotted down will help you to understand your crying baby and their needs. If after such all hectic understanding there is no way you can figure out the reason of your baby crying then please follow few steps recommended below:

  • Take a walk outside as fresh air play a vital role in environment change to both mom and their crying baby but remember to make a note of weather does it permit or allow you to be for a walk with your crying baby.
  • Go on a drive as a ride along the different place helps the baby mood but take all precautions before going on a car drive for your baby crying.
  • Play soft music in the house and dance along with the baby as baby like swinging.
  • Give you’re crying baby a lukewarm water bath, then apply powder, adorn the baby and if possible give a sleep to your baby.
  • Talk to your baby, play with your crying baby and also asked your other children to play and talk to the baby which will change the mood and make environment pleasure.
  • If a baby is teething then try teething gel or take advice from a doctor.

Remember to take help and advice form your friends and elder family member for your crying baby, as sometime baby crying make us go blank is thinking. Also baby crying make us go angry but have to keep ourselves down as the baby only means of communication with us is their cry. Last but not the least call your pedestrians if your baby crying (cries) is going on since few hours.

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