Baby feeding is one of the most important in the growth, development of a new born. Everything a baby needs to live and be healthy for first six months is there is Mother Nature which is also the perfect blend of first foods.

Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is what a baby needs to grow healthy. As breast milk is free, convenient, and even sterile and always has the right temperature for a new born baby needs, upon that breast feeding brings many health benefits for both mum and baby. Some breast feeding advantages are:

  • Breast feeding milk is easily digested by a baby.
  • Breast feeding protect baby against any infections as it is packed full of antibodies.
  • Breast feeding a new born baby help them against the common disease like asthma and eczema.
  • Breast cancers, ovarian and osteoporosis are less likely to develop among women who are breast feeding.
  • Breast feeding helps to fight weight gain during pregnancy as its uses around 800cals a day.

Formula Feeding

If feeding your baby has formula feeding milk as the choice then you will be confused about all the choices. Many options are thereabout formula feeding milk to help you find the right type that will suit your baby’s needs and your lifestyle perfectly.

Brand name formula milk will be server to your baby when you are in the hospital. It might be recommended by your pediatrician and may work well for most babies. But if your baby has a milk allergy, or having trouble tolerating the formula feeding, he may cry after being feed by formula milk, showing an indication of a stomach ache, or may throw up or have diarrhea. If you notice any such sign after formula feeding then, contact your pediatrician right away. It might be possible to experiment with a few formulas feeding milk before you find the right one.

Next option is whether you want powdered formula feeding milk, pre-mixed, or liquid concentrate formula feeding. Pre-mixed formula feeding means you have to just pour and serve. Liquid concentrates need to have water added, as does powdered. Pre-mixed is the most expensive, convenient whereas the powdered formula feeding is the least expensive. Both pre-mixed and liquid concentrates formula feeding get spoiled more quickly. Your budget and lifestyle will allow you to make decision, as babies can tolerate all three types equally well.

Bottle Feeding

It is a know fact that breastfeeding is best for babies, and health care professionals will advise mums to have a go for breast feeding against bottle feeding.. However many mums like to introduce bottle feeding for their babies, whether it’s to give expressed breast milk, or a mix of both formula milk and breast milk or just formula milk on its own find a way to bottle feeding.

Bottle feeding gives chance to other family member to get accustomed in the feeding of the baby. An option to go for bottle feeding is due to working class mom. So whatever may be words now a days bottle feeding is becoming more important but the best fact is that breast feeding had walked over bottle feeding.

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