Baby shower is a beautiful and ubiquitous way to celebrate the wonderful and cherishing gift’  of having a baby. Traditionally baby shower are arranged for the first baby, but nowadays it is usual way of celebrating a shower for each baby.

Baby showers are hosted in anticipation for a newborn baby. Baby shower idea is usually planned by a near friend or group of close friends of the future mother to be. Such events are mainly for baby shower gift giving which make it pleasurable for a family member of the mother to be the host of baby shower.

Baby shower party and baby shower decoration is planned a month or two before the arrival of the cute little angel baby or right after the baby is born. Baby shower invitations should symbolize the birth of the future baby. Baby shower invitations should be flag off a month to a month and half prior to the event. This will give people time to make baby shower idea / plans for that day and pick the right baby shower gift.

Since the baby shower decoration party has to have a theme, there are many near and dear one to choose from or flash out the baby shower idea like baby shower game, and it all depends on the gender of the baby.

If it is a boy, a best baby shower idea for baby shower decoration is to have a sailboat. The place for baby shower decorations can be setup with boats of varying size. The utmost important thing for such kind of baby shower theme is the name of the baby which can be illuminated using an inner tube or any other object which best prescribed or dictate the baby shower decoration under the baby shower idea..

If it is a girl, a best baby shower idea for baby shower decoration is a cookie. This theme is based upon how little baby girl are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. The baby shower decoration should be like a tea party with lots and lots of cookies around with recipes, jars with various ingredients like baby shower gift chocolate chip and peanuts. Baby shower decoration should have baby shower idea to display the name of little girl in the form of a giant cookie.

What if the parents have not decided on the name of the baby yet? Then a cool and new baby shower idea is to have a baby shower game. The baby shower game can help the parents decide on the baby name. A basic baby shower idea is to have letters of the alphabet and (baby shower game) can be made to help people think or have an idea of possible names which can suit the baby. Baby shower game can be played with more themes like writing the name and making a vote on it, also baby shower game can be more interesting by taking input or ideas as baby shower idea.

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