It is a problem that most of us grapple with – excess fat! We try and hide it under voluminous clothing, try and eat healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle. But the fat still sits stubbornly inside the body, curtailing your clothing choices and plunging you into despair.

This article details why fat forms in the body and lists some ways to get rid of it. Read on!

Why does fat form in the body?

What we perceive as ‘fat’, i.e. whitish mass that piles up around the body when one becomes overweight, is actually composed of cells. Fat cells perform important functions for the body, such as insulate the skin and organs. If there were no fat in the human body, you would freeze with the slightest drop in temperature. Another important function of fat cells is to create adipose tissue – this forms the white fat mass that we all know of – that is used as fuel by the body.

Adipose tissue releases cells for burning when the body runs low on energy, or when insulin levels drop. It is a ‘quick energy release’ reaction to keep the body’s energy up. However, the tissue piles on extra cells when insulin levels drop, or when food supplies triglycerides to the body. The cells swell up and start building on each other – this soon becomes visible to the outside of the body as a fat build-up.

Normally, consuming more calories than your body requires daily and not burning off the excess calories through exercise, can contribute to fat piling up in areas like the abdomen, hips, waist, arms, lower back and thighs.

5 ways to remove fat from the body

Are you unhappy about carrying excess fat in your body? Excess fat is unhealthy, and it can lead to more serious issues like heart disease and Type II diabetes, among others. The following are 5 ways to bust it from your body:

#1 Burn it off through exercise.

Exercise is often the best and fastest way to beat excess fat out of the body. It spurs your metabolism and kicks your digestion into high gear, while forcing the body to burn fat reserves to keep energy supplies going. Fat cells inside the muscles are burnt when you practice weight training – the trained muscles must rebuild and they need to burn fat to do so – while cardio exercises burn fat rapidly and keep it off for longer. If weight training is too strenuous for you, try a dance-exercise routine like Zumba, or take up swimming and cycling.

#2 Consume less fat.

What you eat has a significant impact on what you look like. Food high in trans fat contribute to the body’s fat stores and do not get burnt easily. Your body needs good fat in the form of monosaturated and poly-unsaturated fats, and you can these from food like seeds, nuts, vegetable oils like olive, soy and sunflower, and certain fish like salmon. Try and minimise the chances of consuming extra fat in the form of butter, cheese, desserts, white rice, pasta, pizza, etc.

#3 Get a liposuction surgery.

If you’ve tried to control the fat in your body with exercise and a healthy diet to no avail, then it is time to get a liposuction surgery. You can get liposuction surgery in Dubai’s leading body care clinics, which use the safest methods to remove fat from the body. The doctor administers a local or general anaesthetic, after which the excess fat is sucked out of the body. It removes fat from areas like the hips, waist, under-breast, arms, chest, back, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, neck or chin. Liposuction surgery can also add a contouring effect so you can get those 6-pack abs you always wanted. However, it is performed in people with good skin elasticity and without a history of heart disease, hypertension or diabetes. Not every person is a good candidate for it, especially older people with co-morbidities. Your doctor should run a detailed health check before recommending this fat removal procedure to you.

#4 Get enough sleep.

Did you know that sleeping less can make you pile on the pounds? Lack of good quality sleep for about seven hours a night depletes the body’s energy reserves. You wake up feeling groggy and tired, and the body must swing into action by burning only tiny amounts of fat cells so that the rest can be conserved. Get as much sleep as you can every night to aid your body’s fat burning processes.

#5 Never skip meals.

A lot of people believe that they will lose weight by skipping meals. They are thrilled when their clothes become a little loose after skipping a few meals – but they don’t realise why. At first, the lack of nutrition spurs the body to burn fat cells rapidly. The body thinks it is being starved, so it raises energy reserves rapidly. But this process plateaus after a while and the fat cells then resist all effort to burn. At this juncture, eating a hearty meal can have the opposite effect to what you wished to achieve – fearful of being starved again, the body converts as much of the food intake into fats as it can. Thus, you end up gaining more weight when you skip meals.

How much does liposuction surgery cost in Dubai?

Liposuction surgery is quite expensive in Dubai, but you might ask your insurance provider about getting coverage for it. You can get insurance for it only the liposuction is performed as a life-saving essential surgery and not a cosmetic one.

Depending on the clinic and the doctor performing the surgery, liposuction may cost anywhere from AED 15,000 to 22,000 in Dubai.

Start your journey towards a healthier you…today

It is never too soon to start your journey towards better health. By following the tips mentioned above, you can make a big difference to the fat composition in your body and begin to look and feel fitter, too.

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