Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted for certain countries, you are considering taking a short vacation to a modern city. Dubai is topmost on your list, and it is a great choice. The city offers every kind of prospect that pleases the senses, and you will have a wonderful vacation even while maintaining social distancing protocols.

Dubai, the shopping – and plastic surgery – paradise

Dubai is one of the world’s most popular destinations for a multitude of things: a bevy of global cuisines served in the finest restaurants, excellent housing and commercial options, superb educational opportunities, and of course, for several shopping jaunts. Indeed, people come to Dubai from all over the world to shop for a variety of things, from textiles to perfumes, and from spices to gold. The Dubai Shopping Festival is also a prized property that sees millions of visitors every year.

There is one more thing that Dubai is home to: the world’s foremost cosmetic surgeons and some of the most modern plastic surgery procedures. From private hospitals to skin and beauty care clinics, the city is home to some of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world. Not only are these surgeons well-versed in their specialities, they are also up-to-date on the latest procedures and equipment for surgeries of different kinds.

Scores of people come to get plastic surgery in Dubai, be it a nose job or an ab sculpt or something else. The city’s dermatologists are also in great demand for a range of skin and hair treatments, from treating stubborn acne to microdermabrasion, and from stopping heavy hair fall to the latest skin rejuvenation therapies.

Should you get plastic surgery in Dubai?

If you are headed to the UAE to shop, see the sights and experience the culture, why not make a pit stop at a leading beauty care clinic to get a consultation for a plastic surgery in Dubai? You can book yourself for a simple procedure like a lip filler, or Botox injections to remove fine lines. Or if you are so inclined, you can go for other procedures like butt and ab sculpt, fat removal or freezing, or even Mesotherapy for your limp hair. However, these latter treatments and therapies will take some time to show results, so you must be patient.

Most people do not find it amiss to book ‘lunchtime procedures’ like lip and cheek fillers when holidaying in Dubai – so why should you?

What you need to know before you proceed

Are you mulling over the idea of getting a cosmetic procedure in the UAE, and specifically in Dubai? Read on for some important information before you proceed:

* Costs: The costs of getting plastic surgery in Dubai’s premium private clinics and leading beauty and skin care clinics are quite competitive. You can research the costs online before you book your consultation appointment, but be sure to look up top rated facilities and doctors only. Depending on the procedure and facility, you may spend anywhere between AED 300 to 2000.

* Insurance: Only medically essential cosmetic surgeries, such as reconstruction after accident or blunt trauma, or procedures without which the patient’s quality of life may be compromised, are considered for health insurance coverage in the UAE. You can find out from your health insurance provider in your home country about covering the costs of the cosmetic surgery you wish to undergo.

* Risk factors: Most cosmetic surgeries are considered harmless, however, some invasive procedures may be risky for people suffering from heart and liver disease, kidney malfunction, severe diabetes, etc. Not all skin-related procedures are safe as well, especially for people with pre-existing skin conditions. Procedures like liposuction must be conducted only after thorough health checks. In fact, it would be wise to get a full health clearance from your physician back home before booking a procedure.

It is always best to gather as much information as you can before booking yourself for plastic surgery anywhere in the world. If you book yourself with a foremost surgeon with impeccable credentials and varied experience in their field, you will end up in safe hands and with the fantastic result that you were always looking for.

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