If you stay in the UAE, you may be wondering about the availability of a corner sofa in the UAE. A corner sofa is an excellent furniture item for any part of the world and the UAE is no exception. A city like Dubai will overwhelm you with numerous options for 2 seater sofa models or even 3 seater sofas aplenty. A corner sofa is a special treat not just for human occupants but also pets in the family who will all love lounging about in a cozy corner while enjoying ultimate relaxation and comfort in the bargain. You can readily buy sofa set online from the comfort of your home if you do not wish to venture out to any offline store at the moment.

A corner sofa does matter a lot in any home because it provides plenty of space for seating. A 2-seater sofa or a 3-seater sofa may not have space for a corner sofa. Also, a corner sofa is not supposed to be only at the corner. It can be laid out in the middle of the room alongside a 2-seater sofa or a 3-seater sofa.

Things to consider before buying a corner sofa

Know the space: You should measure the space you have in your room before you order a corner sofa in UAE. You should measure the length and breadth first. You should also consider some space to be left for the side tables or side lamps. You should also think about the space in front for putting a rug or a centre table. There may be a 2-seater sofa on the other side of the room if the room is large enough, or even a 3-seater sofa. The entire ensemble should look gracious and presentable.

Know your style: You may like a compact corner sofa in a chaise style. It will give you all the comforts that you need. You may get a sofa with some storage space. This space can be used to throw in blankets, magazines, toys, etc. You can arrange for other little pieces of furniture in the front or by the side of this sofa. An angled sofa will be great for you if you have an odd space to fill. If you put a leather corner sofa in your living room, it will attract due attention of your guests and visitors with aplomb. Dubai homes are larger and spacious and there is plenty of space there to plan for a corner sofa along with a 2-seater sofa and 3-seater sofa. For a very large room, a U-shaped corner sofa will be perfect. It will be ideal for bigger families. These types of sofas can be custom-made also. This is a clear bonus.

Decide on the fabrics: The fabrics that you choose for the sofa should go with the climate and tastes of the UAE. You can choose pure linen in general if the temperature is a supreme consideration for you. Soft wool will not be a bad idea at all. Velvet and leathers will be another good option. The corner sofa will take the most beating because everyone will be sitting and rolling on the same. You should keep the wear and tear in mind. The fabric should be pretty and tough at the same time.

Positioning the sofa: It is not a convention that the corner sofa has to be in the corner. It can be placed anywhere, even in the middle of the room. The sofa can serve as a divider in the room and at the same add to the aesthetics. Corner sofas are fantastic for large families. Even otherwise, if you like stretching frequently, corner sofas are ideal options for your needs.  

Think of the accessories:

People in the UAE are usually super-wealthy and they don’t mind splurging on some exotic and costly fur and cushions to go with their sofas. They won’t mind hiring a professional artist to arrange and design the accessories. They will insist on some fab rugs, cushions and footstools instead. It will boost the spirit of the owner who is ever ready to go the extra mile to make his/her room look jazzy and prodigious. Together, it will be a wonderful display of class and elegance at home.

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