Moving into a new home, or renovating an existing one, is a captivating and exciting time. Yet, many tend to get obsessed with décor catalogues, blogs, HGTV, and filling every corner of your space with furniture and fittings.

While setting up new furniture, homeowners can make common mistakes that should be avoided at any cost. You must pay heed and carefully tread into your home, which is set up with new furniture. 

Before you hit the home furniture stores and buy cabinet hinges for your new furniture, you must go through these mistakes that are commonly made and avoid them before you settle down for the best furniture-setting ideas.

Mistake No. 1: Check the functionality, material, design combination of the furniture hardware

Before you purchase those fixtures and buy cabinet hinges for your furniture, be double sure about the functionality of the parts. The furniture building materials and hardware materials should complement each other to enhance each other’s productivity and longevity. 

Finally, before you buy cabinet hinges, you must consider the aesthetic needs of your home and furniture. Some full inset hinge types can give a modern, vintage, traditional, minimalistic, or contemporary look to your furniture.

Mistake No. 2: Not Trusting the tape measure

Accurate measurement is a critical step in designing and furnishing and is crucial before you purchase anything for your home. Always measure doorways and hallways before purchasing large pieces of furniture.

Before you buy cabinet hinges, you must correctly measure the fitting new doors considering the following facts:

  • Make sure you measure the frame and not the door.
  • Check the rebate in the door frame and then buy cabinet hinges according to the corresponding thickness of the door. 

Mistake No. 3: Furniture and Fittings 

Normally fittings like hinges, handles, screws, latches, etc., are not attached to furniture and need to be purchased separately. You need to do creative research before you buy cabinet hinges or other fixtures for your furniture.

Don’t skimp on hinges as there is weight to be held up. It is highly recommended to have a look at the front weight and door weight to choose no. of hinges and buy cabinet hinges accordingly.

Mistake No. 4: Ignoring hinges which are an integral part of furniture and fittings

You need to step away from the beautification of your home for a little bit. Spend time analysing the requirement of furniture and buy cabinet hinges that suit your furniture, and décor perfectly well. Hinges usually go unnoticed, as the usual choice is a concealed hinge which further allows adjustment for varied fitting patterns and drilling.

You must buy cabinet hinges and appreciate their simplicity & the value they can bring to your furniture. Your cabinets work well because of the hinges you choose. Cabinet Hinges are a sturdy and durable piece of hardware that offers full adjustability and can be personalised. 

Mistake No. 5: Misinterpretations of the utility of different kinds of hinges

To buy cabinet hinges, you must make sure to opt for impeccable, effective, and innovative hinges that adapt to the dynamics of every door or piece of furniture. There is a wide variety of hinge styles, and you can buy cabinet hinges from top-tier manufacturers at a variety of price points.

  • Clip-on or slide-on hinge for the door to attach with furniture. 
  • Full overlay concealed hinge that completely conceals the cabinet to which the doors are attached to.
  • Half overlay concealed hinge that covers only half of the furniture, making way for a 2nd hinge to cover the other half. 
  • Inset concealed hinge.
  • To buy cabinet hinges of this kind, you must consider it, especially for glass doors.
  • Concealed cabinet hinges like the Bi-Fold corner hinge, designed for double doors, Blind corner hinges found in corner cupboards, and Angled hinge for furniture placed at an unusual angle.

Wrapping it Up

It is a lifetime experience to set up new furniture and to buy cabinet hinges. Just with a little precision and better preparation, you can take this expert advice into account and further avoid repeating the mistakes of others. You can convert your new house into your dream home! 

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