In times of stress and fast food , and now that summer has arrived, caring touch with a balanced diet. Eating well is not sacrificed. From fruits like oranges and fish such as tuna to chocolate and shrimp. This is a guide to what no one should miss or at her table or in your stomach for longer life.

  1. Kiwi – Explosion of color, flavor and life. They, the Kiwis are well. It’s a shot of vitamin C (almost twice than orange) and antioxidants. The hairy fruit helps the body defend itself against external aggression. It’s a keeper. This is useful for weight loss diets. This is coupled with the fiber hides and folic acid, it’s food value is especially good for women during pregnancy, children growing children and the elderly. The great amount of water makes the summer fruit.
  2. Nut – It seems shy at enclosed in a shell, but it’s all facade: revolutionizing the heart. A daily serving helps improve the metabolic syndrome, ie, reduce belly fat, cholesterol and balances blood pressure, in addition to glucose levels. Caution: do not have to spend because it has many calories.
  3. Cinnamon – From Chinato the world. In this country comes this spice, which the world has long since found both in desserts and in savory dishes. It helps metabolize glucose, which is important for diabetes.
  4. Water – Is it food ? We drink it, but it is necessary to include this item as without water no food will working better. It is essential for life. Maintains blood, nourishes the cells, you run the kidney and removes waste products. It is the basis of body fluids such as urine or blood. Contrary to what is usually recommended whenever the exact amount for each person depends on circumstances such as metabolism or if you live in a hot or not. However, between one and two gallons of water is reasonable. If we do not drink what your body needs, we have the skin dry and we can develop kidney stones. Drink plenty of water is not good: may cause overload in the kidney, and retain fluids. also essential water intake through food such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals. In this way we maintain our weight?.
  5. Pasta – “I train fighters have to ensure fencing and energy for many hours of training and competition. Why it is so important the paste, which is released slowly throughout the day. It is also recommended for persons carrying out an effort daily mental work in this logic in which we installed. Carbohydrates should make up 50% of the diet in a normal person. I can say that leads to obesity, but the truth is very easily digested. A suggestion, process with tomato and bacon and cream, which is too much heat?.
  6. Apple – Is the fruit of sin? Ha ha ha !!! Neither case Adam and Eve. A big mistake would not take it. Its flavonoids and quartering have excellent antioxidant properties, thus preventing diseases, including some cancers. Much of the apple is water, but she is not content with that: fresh and healthy, providing sugars and fiber. And no peeling. So that its benefits reach the body must be eaten with skin, after washing, though, because they may contain pesticide residues.
  7. Potato – What would the world be without it? Christopher Columbus was right to bring it to Europe from America. It brings a lot of energy because carbohydrates, especially starches, and plays an important role in situations of malnutrition and poverty. We really can’t ignore the food value of potato.
  8. Orange and tangerine – They are a snack and not fattening. The star nutrient is vitamin C. A medium orange juice or a glass cover almost 60 milligrams of vitamin daily in an adult. And its antioxidant repels cancer cells.
  9. Green Asparagus – Those green shoots almost practice magic: they provide fewer calories and high in fiber, minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium?) And vitamin E. Above are rich. For who can resist a good mess?
  10. Milk – Is the varnish of the bones, which protects with calcium. The most common bone disease is osteoporosis, which must be prevented from childhood, a turning point in life. Hence, children have to take three to four dairy units each day. And then, in women during menopause is essential.
  11. Yogurt – Ay, lactose, that headache for almost 30% of the population. If you have an intolerance to milk must resort to dairy products. Its nutritional value is very similar to that of milk, but its flavor and consistency give personality. Therefore, that protects the intestinal flora, preventing diarrhea and infections. No that is not like: there are flavors to give and take.
  12. Spices – Asia grew them and now there is no corner of the world that do not use them in your kitchen. In antiquity its importance was such that they attributed magical properties, aphrodisiac and healing properties. Used wisely, enrich and enhance the flavor recipes. The peppers are irritating to the stomach lining, so to be used shortly. Parsley is one of the most used and provides vitamin C and minerals. Another advantage of spices: his long life.
  13. Egg – Popular food like no other. The chicken egg is one of the most common of the human diet. The light is made up of proteins of high biological value. The yolk is rich in saturated fat, cholesterol, lecithin and lutein. Advantages: the price. Disadvantage: the bacteria that are exposed, which can encourage, if not careful preparation, salmonellosis or diarrhea. So the slogan is: egg well done, cooked, or fried.
  14. Lettuce – What to eat? If no time or inclination to prepare a dish, there’s the redemptive lettuce. A salad and everything fixed. Provides few calories and is therefore used in diets to lose weight. The fiber and minerals (especially potassium) give you more points still healthy. And in summer, with the sweltering heat, fresh lettuce is always welcome.
  15. Tomato –One of my daily food. This chubby good colors can not miss in the fridge. Attention men: a study has proven that eating tomatoes reduces prostate cancer risk by 35%. The benefits are even greater when consumed as tomato sauce at least twice a week. However, consuming oil is essential, as it retains all its nutrients. Populations with diets high in vegetables decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  16. Green beans – For carbohydrate, a small amount of protein, fiber, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene and vitamin C, among other nutrients. They are the ones that make it healthy and set to tone the body. In addition, beans provide less than 30 calories per 100 grams. And yes, you can garnish with other food. So you can not say no.
  17. Coffee – It is one of the oldest beverages in history. Coffee have been attributed magic and religious qualities. Today it remains a religion for many people. Yes, caffeine activates, stimulates, enhances memory and increases performance in reasoning tasks. Some studies show that coffee drinkers have lower risk of Parkinson or Alzheimer. Snack, you know what to take.
  18. Tea – Asian culture has at tea on a pedestal. The rest of the globe, too. After or before taking food, tea is must for me. One of the most consumed beverage, above the coffee and wine. How so? It stimulates the heart rate, prevents diseases of the nervous system and Alzheimer’s. A cup?
  19. Cocoa – An excuse to make chocolate blood pressure benefits. The effect is similar to that achieved some drugs for hypertension. A sweet never bitter to anyone, but neither should be passed, because fat.
  20. Sweetener – The sweet preference is given from childhood. Calorie sweeteners provide food to taste like sugar. Products are used in many light and diabetics can consume.
  21. Almond – Small, tasty, addictive. It is recommended for its unsaturated fat, adequate to control cholesterol. As in the rest of nuts, the only problem is the high energy content. We must keep what is good: the fiber.
  22. Iodized salt – Avoid iodine deficiency, which inSpain, as in most European countries suffer from schoolchildren and pregnant women. The salt can prevent stunting and enhance intellectual development.
  23. Carrot – That color orange, not lost, it also works a miracle: the beta-carotene, after being absorbed by our body, is converted into vitamin A or retinol, is essential for the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Also contains carbohydrates and fiber.
  24. Chicken – This meat is seldom averse. Like children and the elderly. You can prepare many dishes. Even happy salads. However, the chicken greatness lies not in its taste, but in their protein of high biological value, vitamins A, B6, B12, iron, phosphorus? Health, in this case has wings
  25. Pea – The Lilliputian kitchen is not a vegetable, as it is sometimes called, but a legume. So, for starches and vegetable proteins, has a high energy value. The fat content, compared with other nutrients, is not relevant. The scrambled and stews call peas, and they fit without any complex. Only they can blame a small catch: how much fiber can make you gassy and which are indigestible.
  26. Artichoke – “It’s a very noble vegetable. It has only one drawback: there is an easy pairing with wine that metallic aftertaste. To his credit, provides fiber that prevents cholesterol and triglycerides, is anti-inflammatory, diuretic and lowers blood pressure. Not to mention that is rich in minerals and vitamins of group B. A little treasure. Why cook? just cooked. When they are boiled should be left to cool and keep in water to prevent drying. Saturated in Garlic virgin olive oil, one tablespoon of flour, the water and voila, we have a very good sauce.
  27. Pineapple – This is surly exotic tropical fruit outside and tender inside. Its amount of water (more than 75%) makes it suitable food for summer. Virtually devoid of fat and protein. Some observations: the more fiber is the center of the pineapple juice lacks fiber and pineapple in syrup has many sugars.
  28. Bluefish – “I’ll take the blue fish, and more particularly, tuna. Add to the meat protein of high biological value, ie those proteins synthesized proteins and generate more muscles, hormones, and new cells. Tuna fat also provides very nutritional value (omega 3) to improve blood circulation, lower triglycerides, improve cholesterol and make us live for many years. Tuna is versatile and can be stored canned. not recommend you eat fried because they did is already quite fatty.
  29. Serrano ham – Meat is cured, salted and dried, although most people do not mind when swallows a slice after another. The marbling fat can lead to think that its caloric value is very high. Well, no. Is clearly lower than other sausages. The ham has monounsaturated oleic acid (the olive oil) and a source of protein. Iberian gem. One of the greatest ambassadors of Spain.
  30. Garlic – Garlic is a good food, says popular culture, and Spain is cast almost any dish. Studies show that protects against some cancers. The benefits of garlic are attributed to allicin, a compound that nature uses to protect this crop from insects, fungi and bacteria. Smart.
  31. Onion – Historical note: in some Egyptian papyri appear as essential food for the slaves who built the pyramids. Today we know that quercetin protects cells. The cooking of the onion destroys nutrients, so always be eaten as raw food.
  32. Pepper – Green, I love green salads and casseroles in my daily food. It has low calorific food value, are a good source of vitamin B and C and antioxidants. The downside can put the people with stomach problems as it can be indigestible.
  33. Zucchini – Water is life: it is the substance that contains. Also present are the carbohydrates and a moderate portion of fiber. Really a vegetable.
  34. Berries – The heat makes them reappear. In spring, strawberries and raspberries colorful place after winter days. Summer brings and picks cherries. These fruits are the people to consume a diet. They are antioxidants, are low in calories, fiber and laxative and diuretic properties. Also strengthen the defenses. Something better for a fireproof vacation?
  35. Tibetan Goji Berries – “This is a new product, but has been known since ancient times. It looks at how the cayenne pepper. But they are like little dried cherries from Tibet. They provide many nutrients: vitamin C, with a higher concentration than any known fruit , vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. This fruit is already a reference for its powerful antioxidants. Thanks to the synergy of all these nutrients, Goji berries strengthen our immune system, care for the heart, liver and kidneys , improve eyesight, regulate appetite and sleep. No wonder berries are called happy. are all the rage among food?.
  36. Virgin olive oil – “This is a vindication of the Mediterranean diet. The antioxidants vitamin E and polyphenols group is the secret. Monounsaturated fat prevents arteriosclerosis, does not raise bad cholesterol (LDL) and clean the arteries. Have recently been discovered benefits brain development: delayed dementia and enhances memory. By taking raw on toast, it provides more vitamins when?.
  37. Mushrooms – The mushroom is the most prevalent strain in our food. These fungi possess substances with dietary fiber. Contain triterpenes, which are being investigated as potential fighters against tumors. Eye, there are poisonous mushrooms.
  38. Red Wine – “The numerous studies indicate: moderate consumption of red wine is beneficial. Why if alcohol? For the policenoles, found in grapes and during fermentation the wine pass. Thus becomes an antioxidant. Lowers cholesterol bad, increases the good and prevents premature aging by protecting cells, prevents tumors, colds and heart disease. The best red is handmade. A drink a day is a reasonable measure for a product that enhances the flavor of food and is also an element social. All that affects pleasure.
  39. Broccoli – This mop lady nurtures unusual and not fattening. Optimal diet. Broccoli is to take arms; be given a protective capacity against some types of tumors. Antioxidants and petrochemicals increase the activity of certain enzymes whose function is to block or remove the thrust of the carcinogens.
  40. Soy – “A test: has been the power supply Asian people. Its protein provides no negative values €‹€‹of animal proteins, such as excess fat, cholesterol, hormones, dyes, preservatives? Essential amino acids of soybean impact on all in women it reduces the hormonal derangement. Already know: the Asian people do not know the menopause. Soy can be taken in the form of tofu (the equivalent of our food), drinks included and a ride in the form of sprouts for dissolve it in salads, stews, vegetables??.
  41. Rice – “Wildcard is the  food of our society. I tend to like everyone. Even children as picky, make an ugly. Is at the base of the food pyramid and is the livelihood of many cultures. Rice provides proteins, which serve to build tissues in the body. It also contains vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, which provide energy. You could eat a serving of rice on a daily basis and would be very healthy. It is best that there are plenty of ways to presentation, so that we can never get bored of consuming it. a good idea to eat it with vegetables. Rice with vegetables is also a dish especially good because the combination of the two products enriches the nutritional values of both??.
  42. Lentils – Resist and resist. Legumes have played an important role for centuries. Its main features are ease of maintenance and high nutritional value. Containing a large amount of protein (20 to 22 grams per 100 of feed). So once the food has been named as the flesh of the poor. It is a simple dish to prepare and reminds us grandmothers. Or not?
  43. White Beans – Notice the formula: legumes are easy to grow, undemanding in terms of climate and soil and improve soil fertility. The result is that the beans are cheap and easy to care. It is the cause of which has been one of the basic dishes of the population in times of scarcity. Give enough power and iron. The spoon stews are left for the winter. In summer, fresh salads.
  44. Vinegar – Another food centenary. It is the product of fermentation of different fruit juices. Its caloric value is low and also make the salad bursting with flavor. You can reduce the high burden of carbohydrates in a meal that includes food such as rice or potatoes, vinegar and their regulatory capacity.
  45. Spinach – The terror of children is a buenaza misunderstood. Spinach is very stable as food and has freezing fiber, vitamins, minerals and small amounts of calcium and iron. Do not be afraid?
  46. Whitefish – The sea birds of a feather at the table together. Its omega 3 fatty acids are strong because heart attacks away. It should consume at least twice a week.
  47. Prawns – They are proud of themselves between their family of sea food Why? They are cheaper than other relatives. Shrimp kept quality protein and are relatively low in energy. We help with phosphorus and iodine. If you cook with salt, can raise blood pressure.Tip: with lemon, aromatic with spices or condiments. And then there are the cousins €‹€‹of the prawns, shrimps, which have more vitamins and eat as pipes.
  48. Mussels – Cheap and available all year on the market. Mr. mussel stands out for its protein and low fat. Warning: can transmit diarrhea if eaten raw or lightly cooked. A recipe, steamed.
  49. Sourdough bread – “The bread industry has become. You buy a bar and see how they have removed the fiber so that it is white and fine. I throw preservatives for the dough to rise quickly, and the flour is so processed that vitamins are gone . I advise sourdough bread, which you can develop anyone in your home. how: mix flour and water and let stand 24 hours, then we will see that it has fermented and mix it with more flour and nuts. This bread improves digestive system, prevent heart disease, lowers cholesterol and blood clean. It’s like bread before?.
  50. Corn – The entire American continent will have an unbridled faith for centuries. Made popular American films, and Spanish homes is consumed in salads, but not be restricted only to this dish. Gives more of himself. This vegetable known for carbohydrates. It provides large amounts of vitamins, but is essential for celiacs because it contains gluten as food value.

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