When it comes to home decor, styling cushions the right way is one of the most overlooked aspects. Cushions may be a small part of home furnishing, but when used in the correct manner can really make a difference. They add that subtle pop of colour that can bring out the other patterns and colours across the living space.

There’s more to styling cushions than just picking the right colour. Let’s take a look at a few do’s and don’ts for selecting the right kind of cushions to give a new and refreshing look to your home.

Styling Cushions for the Living Room and the Bedroom

While picking cushions for your bedroom, you can choose two to three different sizes of cushions and arrange the bigger ones at the back to create a pattern. You can also add a lumbar to the set to complete the look. It is recommended that you get a wide variety of cushion covers online, which protects the cushions against dirt and enhances the appearance.

For sofas, one has to keep in mind that big cushions are to be avoided to avoid covering the entire sofa. Few small or medium-sized cushions are more than enough for sofas. Similarly, you can buy many kinds of sofa cushions online that make the cushion set more pleasing to the eye.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Prints and Patterns.

Are you bored of your old, plain cushions? It’s time to spice up the look with some mixing and matching of prints. You can select different kinds of prints as per the setting of the room. Just think of it as putting an outfit together. But don’t go overboard with mixing prints; stick to two prints at a time.

Go for patterns that are soothing and not too bold so that it looks elegant. Colour is also another factor that comes in while styling cushions. You can choose the cushion colours according to the colour of your walls, sofa, or curtains. You can also get inspiration from looking at sofa cushions online before you start restyling your living room sofas or your bedroom.

Picking the Right Kind of Material

Now comes the most crucial part, the material of the cushions. The basic utility of cushions is to act as a back/headrest, and if the material is not the right kind, then it fails to serve its purpose. 

Synthetic fabrics often insulate the heat and contain a lot of chemicals; hence, it is not a good idea to keep them around small children. Cotton and linen cushions are your best friend for 100% comfort since they are quite gentle and easy to wash as well.

They also don’t charge up your woollen or silk clothes which eliminates the problem of static. You can buy several designs of cushion covers online that suit your favourite kind of material.

Cushions Should Be In-Sync With Your Decor

Identify the palette of your existing home decor and select cushions accordingly. If the cushions don’t go with your home decor, then the complete look of the room will be thrown off, and we don’t want that! For creating a comprehensive view, one has to keep in mind the elements in the vicinity of the cushions and then curate the whole look.

If the colour tone is neutral, consider throwing in a few bold coloured cushions to refurbish the room. You can also go for contrasting colours to give it a sophisticated edge.


So, what are you waiting for? Hopefully, this list of do’s and don’ts gives you some inspiration for redecorating by selecting the right cushions for your home. Good luck with revamping the interiors of your house and making it more aesthetic!

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