Bengaluru is much more than its swanky offices, charming cafes and shady streets. It is also home to art, culture, good food and adventure.

A salubrious climate, great housing, many international businesses and a high tech lifestyle…Bengaluru is synonymous with all of these. But India’s premier IT destination is so much more than just these features – it is a place of many hidden wonders, of great food and drinks, of pleasant people and also much natural beauty.

So the next time you are in the city to take advantage of a good Bengaluru hotel deal you may have got, don’t forget to –

  1. Explore street food at Food Street. Bengaluru is known for upscale restaurants and little coffee dives, but its street food is to die for. Besides, there is an entire street devoted to food – quite unoriginally titled ‘Food Street’ or VV Puram Street[1] – where you get the most delectable South Indian fare, sandwiches, desserts and more. There are little hole-in-the-wall eateries here and overall, the vibe is quite a pleasant one.
  2. Look up contemporary art. Bengaluru hosts many national and international artists and art fairs, and there are several art galleries here. But none is as superb as the Kynkyny Art Gallery[2], a sophisticated commercial space where you can feast your eyes on contemporary art works. You can also buy a painting or two, and spend an afternoon catching up on the latest in the world of art.
  3. Shop for Mysore silks. Bengaluru has many stores that sell beautiful cotton and silk clothing, but its main draw is Mysore silks. Women from all over the country flock to the city to buy Mysore silk sarees and dress materials here. Head to Mysore Saree Udyog[3] to pick up the best sarees, dress materials and gents’ clothing.
  4. Go on a midnight trek. Even if you’re not an enthusiastic trekker, you will love a thrilling night hike. Don’t worry, you won’t encounter fearsome wild beasts – the midnight treks are very safe. Stick with your group and maintain silence to understand the gravity of the night. The most famous night-time trek is the one that commences from Anthargange.[4]
  5. Book yourself into a palatial hotel. Or you might want to do nothing else but be spoiled silly by loving hands at a spa, or eat great food till you are fit to burst, or lounge about in your soft bed and watch TV and order your meals up to your room. Combine all of these pleasures into one – book yourself into a suite at The Leela Palace Bengaluru[5]. It is the city’s only modern palace hotel, and it has every sumptuous delight to offer when you are in their care. It also offers some of the best Bengaluru hotel deals, with staycation packages, stay more save more deals and suite indulgences, among others.






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