Food trends for Bengaluru predict a twist in classic recipes, a return to wholesome eating and fiery, sugary preparations.

IT city Bengaluru has many tricks up its sleeves. Its wonderful weather and high-tech lifestyles notwithstanding, it never ceases to amaze one with the sheer variety of domestic and international cuisines it offers. Every year, restaurants in Bengaluru reinvent the wheel in many ways – and customers simply love it!

This year’s food trends veer towards the slightly bizarre (see #1 below) to fiery and deeper flavours. Restaurants in Bengaluru should be prepared to meet the influx of foodies waiting to sample new recipes or demanding new ways of cooking the same food. Check out some food trend projections for Bangalore, 2017:

  1. So much sugar! This year, the trend in desserts veers towards twists on old European and English classics, with more sweet toppings, added layers of chocolate, and gooier goodness wherever possible. We’re talking about ice-cream laden fondue, chocolate ganache tarts, Nutella cheesecake and mud cake with extra ice cream topping – so sweet, it will make your teeth ache just thinking about them![1] Head to dessert specialists Chianti, Yauatcha and Spoonful of Sugar, among many others, to sample their dessert selections.
  2. More heat, please. Gastronomy experts predict that Bengaluru will continue to ask for spicy food wherever possible. But this love for all things spice will extend to world cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, Italian and even Korean. Thus, you can expect a more stylised version of lobster and lamb as per request, fusion chilli in sushi, or even a bigger explosion of flavour with the basic chicken pho.
  3. Local ingredients get a starring role. Bengaluru is also going back to the drawing board in terms of food ingredients – chefs predict that a new trend this year will be World renowned chef Manu Chandra believes that Bengaluru will explore more local ingredients in its quest for the perfect balance of flavour[2]. This means that food this year will include more local fruit, beans, green veggies and spices.
  4. Healthier food options. People are looking to eat healthy food, rightly realising that a healthy body is not made in the gym, but in the kitchen! But since there isn’t enough time to fix a green salad every day, or go prepare a brown rice variant of pulao, Bengaluru residents are making a beeline for healthy tiffin providers, salad bars and raw fresh food preparations.[3] The craze for healthy food has also gone up with the rise in the numbers of people gymming and going for daily walks or runs.

You can sample some amazing recipes at world class restaurants in Bengaluru like Le Cirque Signature (The Leela Palace Hotel Bengaluru)[4], Masala Klub (The Taj West End, Bangalore) and Melange (Hotel Park Plaza), to name just three of several.[5]






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