It takes just one second to turn your entire life upside down. Do not be a statistic on the road – get accident insurance.

Almost every person we know owns a car today. Buying a car has become one of the easiest propositions, with so many car brands and financing options available. More and more people are investing in their own cars to beat the prospect of using unreliable public transport.

However, it is not enough to merely drive the car of one’s dreams – one must also be adequately watchful for any future dangers on the road. These dangers come in the form of road accidents. Accidents may be caused by the driver’s own mistake, or a lapse on the part of another car driver. Many times, accidents take place when jaywalkers suddenly appear in front of a car.

Whatever the reason, it cannot be disputed that an accident can be devastating. It can either seriously injure one or cause death. Those who survive car accidents also require a long recuperation period to get back on their feet. The biggest impact of an accident is the financial one. With a sudden loss of income (owing to temporary/permanent disability or death), the family can suffer tremendous financial trauma. The financial trouble begins with expensive hospitalisation – that process itself can wipe out a family’s carefully saved up funds. Further, dealing with a loss of income with no other financial backing can often lead to penury.

Not so with accident insurance. A personal accident policy is designed to take care of you and your loved ones for the times that you meet with an accident and are unable to work temporarily or permanently. It provides coverage to account for the costs related to therapy, in-hospital treatment and room rent, and pre- and post-operative tests and doctor’s visits. This means that with an accident insurance policy, your other savings and securities are left untouched while the insurance provider takes care of your accident-related expenses.

A personal accident insurance policy also helps when you are bed-ridden at home. It can pay for your physical therapy and even the modifications you might make to your home and vehicle to ease your life. It is especially invaluable when you have a temporary disability – it helps tide over the expenses till such time you can work again and get a salary. Some accidental insurance policies also pay for such ailments as fractures.

Thus, while building your insurance portfolio, be sure to add personal accident policies to it. You can rest assured that you and your family are taken care of – whether you meet with an accident or not.

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