Almost every parent struggles to ensure that their child finishes his or her tiffin box. Parents also try various dishes to excite or tempt their kids to finish their food. If your child is fussy with his or her lunch, then here are some tips and ideas for tiffin box recipes that can tempt your child.

Be Creative with the Tiffin

One of the best ways to attract your child to eat his or her tiffin is by being creative. You can give a twist to the dish. You can try different variations for a particular dish. Avoid repeating the same tiffin every week. You can give the same tiffin after giving it a long gap. This way your child will not get bored and will enjoy his or her tiffin.

Try New Recipes

Imagine that you are eating the same dish every time. You will surely get bored with it soon. Children can get bored with the same dish very soon. Hence, you should try some new kids’ Indian recipes. You can choose the vegetables or meat that your child likes the most and try new recipes with it.

Try Different Kinds of Sandwiches

Preparing a heavy tiffin box can be challenging with the morning rush. Hence, the easiest tiffin is a sandwich. This may sound boring and not very appetizing. However, there are different kinds of sandwiches that you can pack for your children that are healthy and tasty too.

Presentation Matter a Lot

Kids love to eat food that looks attractive. You can try to present a simple lunch box meal in a fun manner. You can make smileys or cut the sandwich or fruit in a fun manner. Kids find such tiffin box fun and like to try out whatever is kept in the box.

Do Not Forget Nuts and Fruits

Fruits and nuts are very important for the growth of your child. Hence, you should make sure that you include them in your kid’s tiffin box. You replace unhealthy snacks in place of fruits and nuts. You can also make fresh fruit juice for your child instead of giving him or her processed juice. Making a shake is also a good option. It is healthy and filling.

Keep it Simple and Easy

Keeping your child’s tiffin simple and easy can help in ensuring that you are rushing in preparing it. You can also be creative with the simple tiffin choices. Simple and easy food can also be packed in a proper manner.

Let your Child Pack the Lunch

You can get your child involved in packing his or her own tiffin box. This will give your child a sense of responsibility. This way, your child will make sure that they are finishing their lunch box.

Give Limited Options

When kids have many options in front of them, then they can get fussy and ignore the healthy option. Hence, you should make sure that you are giving your child many options. Limited options will ensure that they are choosing the right food.

Making kids finish their tiffin can be less challenging and tiring if you can make it interesting and fun.

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