You can prepare yourself in various ways for infertility procedures like IVF ((In Vitro Fertilization). For instance, sleep well to improve treatment success. The fertilization rate of women with good sleep was 67.1% as against 48.6% for those with severe sleep disturbances, according to a study by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Visiting the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad can give you confidence in the very first place to opt for infertility treatment. Here are many other ways to physically and mentally prepare for IVF.

How to Physically Prepare for IVF?

  • Stop smoking

Tobacco use can cause premature depletion of eggs by aging your ovaries. It also reduces sperm production in the male partner. So, if you won’t be using donor eggs or sperm during IVF, both you and your partner must quit smoking right away and stay away from even secondhand smoke before and during IVF.

  • Avoid alcohol

Heavy drinking can increase the risk of ovulation conditions. But you cannot afford that if you want to use your eggs instead of donor eggs. Even when you get pregnant, fetal alcohol consumption does not have any safe levels. So, avoid alcohol altogether before and during IVF to improve the odds of its success.

  • Limit caffeine intake

Avoid taking more than 200 mg of caffeine a day to support the procedure of IVF. Restrict yourself to 8-ounce cups of tea or 2 6-ounce cups of coffee per day. This can boost the chances of fertilization during IVF.  

  • Do moderate exercise

Too much or too long physical activity or exercise can restrain ovulation and impact the production of the hormone progesterone. However, moderate exercise can cooperate with the IVF process. So, exercise up to 4 hours per week before IVF. Focus on low-impact physical activities which can also relieve pre-treatment stress.

  • Choose a suitable diet and prenatal vitamins

Avoid mercury-rich foods like certain fish (mackerel, tuna, swordfish, or shark). Eat loads of lean proteins and veggies. The doctor may recommend prenatal vitamins to improve the quality of your eggs for retrieval during IVF. Usually, omega-3s, iron, coenzyme, and folic acid are highly beneficial.

How to Mentally Prepare for IVF?

  • Use relaxation techniques

High stress doesn’t favor IVF to help you get pregnant. Stress hormones like cortisol can interfere with the signals between your brain and ovaries, thereby affecting ovulation. So, when you’re worrying about IVF, it’s best to try ways of stress relief. Use meditation, yoga, or fertility massages to encourage your mindfulness.

  • Be ready for the worst

IVF success depends on certain factors like maternal age, ovarian reserve, and sperm/egg quality. So, trust the specialists while also preparing for the worst.

  • Talk to your partner

Discuss with your partner beforehand the ways of:

  • Handling the possibility of a multiple-birth pregnancy
  • Being comfortable to use donor eggs or sperm, if needed
  • Choosing to let the additional embryos be frozen
  • Managing the costs and extra time commitments for treatment
  • Supporting each other mentally and emotionally during the stressful period of treatment

Once you’re ready for the infertility procedure, consider visiting a hospital offering the best IVF treatment in Hyderabad.

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