Who doesn’t love buying fresh bed sheets and curtains online? This summer, set your innovation to work and make some DIY curtains from the comfort of your homes. If not, then you can also buy curtains online that give equal uniqueness to your space.

Let us look at some of the innovative DIY ideas of making curtains:

  • Reusing old bedsheets- If you love your old bedsheets and face trouble getting rid of them, then there is a solution! One of the easiest and quickest ways to reuse your old bedsheets is by turning them into breezy summer curtains. They are perfect for instantly giving your windows the freshness and newness it needs. The different colour, materials, and unlimited patterns heighten the look of your room. 
  • Easy straight sew- Curtains are stitched straight. Be it side beams, hems or rod pockets. You do not require to be perfect at stitching so that any uneven lines will not be visible from the naked eye. Sew the plain curtains in a straight pattern to avoid any mistakes.
  • No-sew- The no-sew Ikea inspired curtain is a saviour for those who do not wish to spend extra money getting custom window treatments. You can only use fusible fabric tape to attach a complimentary fabric to the curtain length.
  • Simple Stenciled Drapes- Using stencil on a plain monochrome curtain is a stunning DIY idea. Do not worry about making any errors, as it will not be noticeable when draped. It is unlikely to make any error in using a stencil. There are many different patterns of stencils that you can use to beautify your living space.
  • Contrast designs- From deep droops to extra-large rings, you can use contrasting designs and patterns using pieces of cloth to use as beautiful summer curtains.You can also add a beaded border at the bottom to level up the look of your room. These intricate touches make it look like a work of art done by a professional.
  • Use yarns- You can also add a braid of yarn or a row of multi-coloured softballs in front of your plain white curtain. It is a great way to add a dramatic look to your window. 
  • Blackout liner- To block the excess light from entering your living room, you can add a liner of Blockout curtain inexpensively. Attach it with a fabric fuse tape and you have a curtain for a blind.

Transforming the look of your room by making decorative accessories all by yourself is quite a fun-filled feeling. This way you can add a touch of your self and personality to your living space. You can also opt to buy curtains online that are affordable and artsy. You do not need to be a pro at what you are making. Homemade accessories are affordable and unique. “Doing it yourself” is all about using your creativity and putting it up in your space. You can take inspiration from anything and anyone, and start making your curtains.  

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