Abhibus, perhaps, is the fastest-growing ticket booking platform in India. Quite naturally, it helps its customers maximize their savings.

Abhibus Cash-back offers, promo codes, coupons and great deals abound in number for its online customers. Given below are the most popular among them:

1. 2021 New Year Double Dhamaka

This offer lets you save INR1500 in checkout and when booking a hotel. You need to apply the coupon code get1500. You will receive INR1000 promo cash-back and a hotel voucher worth INR1000. This offer comes with the following features:

  • There exists no minimum transaction requirement
  • All successful bookings are eligible for the offer.
  • It is available for all users on the once-per-user basis.
  • You have to be logged in on the website to avail of it.
  • You cannot combine this offer with any other of the same kind.
  • The company reserves the right to deny any customer this offer without notice.
  • Each user is eligible just for one voucher during the entire campaign.
  • The winner has the right to choose a hotel. Thus the user should approach the hotel authority in the instance of any complaint.

2. LazyPay Abhibus Cash-back offer:

Book a bus with Abhibus. Using the coupon code LazyPay makes you eligible for up to the INR300 cash-back offer. You get INR150 from LazyPay and INR150 from Abhibus. Here too, there is no minimum transaction requirement. The offer is available only during your first transaction on Abhibus from your android or iOS device. It is available only for the transaction done from 1st January to 31st January 2021. INR150 will be credited to your Abhibus account after your date of journey. This offer is subject to change as per the terms and conditions of LazyPay.

3. 50% Abhibus cash-back offer from RuPay

Use your RuPay credit/debit card on Abhibus and get up to INR300 from RuPay. You should use the coupon code CHBKABRupay to avail of the facility. This too is available only for your first transaction on RuPay. Here too, the system works as per the guidelines given above. This deal is not available for cancelled or refunded transactions.

4. Ola Money Post-paid offer

Book a bus on Abhibus using Olamoney Postpaid+. You will receive up to INR500 cash-back. Given below are the features the offer presents:

  • A minimum transaction of INR400
  • Available only for active users of the system
  • Not available for those who have not paid their dues
  • The offer is remitted to the Olamoney Post-paid+

5. Pay with rewards

You can now redeem 100% Flipkart supercoins by booking a bus on Abhibus. Choose the option “pay with rewards points” option in the checkout. Link your account with it. Supercoins and a great many other offers wait here in store for you. Remember, it Is Twid that powers these reward points. And Abhibus has no control over the value of the redeemable points therein. The offer is available for every transaction. Here too, Twid’s rules of eligibility influence a decision.

Abhibus offers and cash-back, as mentioned above, are there in plenty. Book a bus or hotel with the firm. The extent of savings will definitely go beyond even your wildest imagination. Download the LazyPay app, get your credit limit and enjoy making those purchases like you never have !!!

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