There are several product categories whose brand performance has a greater impact on competitiveness and differentiation than bottled water. As many in the bottled water category have noticed, all water tastes the same but all must focus on the story. The company that told the best story and backed it up with hard facts to create fascinating myths won the competition. This controlled distribution strategy in line with the positioning of high-end products has ensured its supply in the best hotels, resorts, and spas of famous stars, and has been recommended by chefs. The bottled water category is known for being difficult to make money. Bisleri water pricing strategy allows distributors and retailers to profit in categories they are not used to selling products. Relying on the well-known and loyal brand community, Bisleri keeps appearing in magazines, and it seems to be one of the preferred water brands of many celebrities, without direct endorsements.

Consumers are the most powerful force in marketing today. The most important result of developing iconic brands is not just communication, but the growth and strength of the brand community that maintains the iconic status of the brand across regions and that’s what Bisleri has been successful in achieving. Bisleri water price is very reasonable and thus it has a whopping 40% market share. Bisleri has ploughed in the capital for putting up plants across geographically diverse locations. Bisleri had some 22 plants five years back, from where it now has 52 plants in various geographical locations within the country. It has facilitated a reduction in logistics cost, thus enabling profound market penetration. This has made it possible to reach 150,000 outlets in the country.

In the distribution model, Bisleri follows direct distribution and this has made Bisleri one up over its rivals by being able to deliver bulk packages straight at distributors and end-users doorstep. Direct sales, as of now contributes to 50% per cent of Bisleri’s business. This is going to be the driving force for business growth.

Bisleri water is available in various sizes. Every bottle goes through a precise scientific process. Customers can pay online if they want to purchase a good amount. Both debit cards/credit cards can be used for payment. Bisleri water price may vary from place to place. The sizes of Bisleri water are as follows:-

  • 300ml
  • 500ml
  • 1ltr
  • 2ltr
  • 5 ltr
  • 10 ltr
  • 20 ltr

The Bisleri water prices differ according to the size. Customers can simply purchase the bottle online or they can stock. The required amount will be delivered at home. There are certain things that customers need to follow. Every detail is provided in any online portal. Sometimes people stock mineral water for emergencies so a customer can purchase in a bulk. Sometimes they provide you with free shipping. They provide high quality at the same time lowest production and distribution cost. That is the sole reason they are the leading brand in the country. Bisleri gained an immense reputation in terms of friendship, trust, and purity, and has been known for decades. As the best among similar products, it is a mineral water brand in India, that is most trusted throughout all states. Bisleri has a powerful presence within India and neighboring countries, 122 operating factories, and a robust distribution network consisting of 4,500 dealers and 5,000 trucks. It has kept its promise to provide consumers with the safety, cleanliness, and healthy promise of bottled water for 50 years.

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