Conversion is not just a goal, but a journey where a cohesive user experience over digital media (website, social media, and PPC ads) leads a visitor to fulfil the desired action. It may differ from business to business. Say, for an e-commerce website in Dubai, the successful conversion would be checking the cart and completing the transaction. A business may eye for 3D printing services collaboration in Dubai and choose the digital route to get desirable conversions.  OR a cargo enterprise may want app installs on the phones of business CEOs. There are numerous ways in which B2B companies can leverage conversions. A mix of SEO, PPC, LinkedIn Marketing, Emailers, Webinars, Blog, Whitepapers, Infographics, etc may guide a prospect at different point / stage. Many marketing mavericks of digital marketing agencies in Dubai carefully chart out a cumulative process based on user intent and lead him to convert into a potential prospect.

You can say it is a conversion rate when a visitor learns about your site from a traffic source, including a search engine, email campaign, or ad, and then engages with your content or asks for a proposal directly through a chatbot. 

In most cases, the conversion rate of B2B is relatively low compared to B2C and varies from platform to platform. Google Network conversions fall in 0.8% -2.4%. benchmark. Social media platforms like Facebook (0.6%-1.7%) and LinkedIn (1.8%-4.4%) which are most used for B2B conversions have very less conversion rate. But as they say, ‘less is more’ in B2B marketing, as quality of lead counts here, not quantity.

Now you must be wondering how you can hook the prospect’s interest through B2B marketing. As mentioned above, digital marketing has many versatile ideas to improve conversion rates. But before you learn about them, you need to know something about lead generation. 

As per the PPC services experts in the region, lead generation is all about connecting, attracting, and nurturing website visitors or your target audience that are most likely to buy your products or services. You should know that lead generation is not pushy in any way; instead, it protects your business from being annoying and unprofessional. If you sound desperate for leads and customers, you are most likely to lose clients even if you have the best business products or services in the world.  

Irrespective of the industry you are operating in, if you fail to develop a lead, you will most likely be out of the business even before you can imagine. So, have a look at some amazing tips to improve conversion rates for B2B companies are:

1. Ensure You Present a Clear Message

As per a recent survey, most visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on a website even if it is useful. But under B2B marketing, the buying journey is quite long as the visitors tend to do a lot of research, evaluate solutions, compare, and measure ROI before reaching the buying point. One of the best ways to improve the conversion rate is by investing in your content to make it clear and concise that answers visitors’ queries, leading them to the next step. When your content is right, you can attract attention and excite readers’ curiosity, which allows them to know more about your products.

2. Use SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategically to Attract the Right Traffic 

Professionals working at a renowneddigital marketing agency in Dubai suggest that you are usually stressed about your conversion rate when your website starts generating traffic. But above all, you need to understand that the quality of traffic cannot get overlooked. Hence, increased traffic only matters when the targeted audience is included in it. 

3. Use Advanced Tracking to Optimise Your Site for Conversions

Some of the most common issues people find when it comes to working with B2B sites are the lack of monitoring and incorrect data analysis. You need to know that data plays a crucial role in optimising the conversion process as it is the data that tells about the visitors of the website. 

4. Convert Leads into Sales

For B2B companies, the conversion process ideally never stops as you need to optimise at almost all stages.

Hence, if you consider the above-stated tips, you will surely improve B2B companies’ conversions faster and be ahead of the competition by connecting with great consistency.

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