Being a content writer, you might have questioned the importance and need for a plagiarism checker for bloggers at least once. Well, to begin with, plagiarism detection is an integral part of content writing. Every time you write a blog post, you must run your content in a reputed plagiarism checker tool like Copyleaks. But before that, you need to understand plagiarism inside out. Not only in blogging, but plagiarism can happen in all types of writing.

Make You Writing Plag-Free Through Copyleaks, Effortlessly

Plagiarism jeopardises your reputation and integrity as a content writer. When it is identified that the content is copied, it might even lead the writer to face legal charges against him. And in case the legal war is lost, the company might even incur a huge loss. In this digital era of blogging, using checking tools like Copyleaks has become a necessity if you are serious about your work and you do not wish Google to remove your website altogether. It is the algorithm that Google includes that makes it an easier job for them to identify plagiarists.

What Happens When Your Blog Posts Are Found Copied?

When Google finds out and determines that your content is copied, you might face the severe consequence of watching your site getting banned. Google also has the authority to bring down your site’s ranking, based on the plagiarism report that is generated by the tool. Hence, you must always choose to detect plagiarism before uploading your posts through Copyleaks.

Copyleaks Help You to Steer Clear of Plagiarism

While there is a surge in the number of plagiarism detectors, nothing matches the efficiency of Copyleaks. Copyleaks has a user-friendly interface and can check content for plagiarism within a few seconds. Though you can always sign up for the premium plan, Copyleaks can also be used without any money. Copyleaks is one of the best tools for blog writers. And the reason to invest in this tool is limitless. Irrespective of how nicely you have written the blog post, if plagiarism is found in the content of your web pages, the entire company, as well as the writer, has to face the consequences.

Why Preventing Plagiarism is Important

Plagiarism of any kind and type isn’t considered professional. This is because besides having a brand name to maintain, you also have a reputation as a writer. Nobody likes stolen writing. And most important search engines like Google can sue your site if it finds duplication. Also, plagiarism issues like copyright infringement can result in you facing legal consequences. Copyleaks checks content for plagiarism word-by-word and offers a unique score. It doesn’t take much time for the tool to conduct a check on your content.

Plagiarism has become an inseparable part of the internet. Since millions of blogs are posted every day, there is a strong chance of information overlapping. But this shouldn’t stop you from using a plagiarism checker for bloggers. When you use Copyleaks, you become aware of your mistakes and you can improve your writing by fixing the issues.

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