Plagiarism is a grave offence in the UK. It is also seen as academic misconduct. Stealing intellectual property and passing as own can result in failing grades, suspension, or expulsion. Plagiarism has been on the rise since the advent of online learning amid the pandemic. A survey by Copyleaks found out that there has been a 10% jump in the plagiarism cases during COVID times. In the UK, the average figure was 38% before the corona pandemic which surprisingly spiked to 42% after March 2020.

Students fail to learn and develop skills which subsequently hurt their career prospects. The plagiarist also wrongly benefits from the copied materials. So, it is crucial to take every opportunity to wipe out plagiarism. If you are submitting essays for a course, have a look at how a plagiarism checker for the UK can help.

How Does an Essay Checker Work?

The best artificial intelligence and machine learning based tool can detect different plagiarisms in all types of essays. This helps you produce original content by efficiently remove duplicate parts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Multi-layered and extensive search capabilities can compare billions and trillions of online sources, licensed database and academic journals to trace even the smallest trace of similar texts.
  • A clear and comprehensive report is presented with copied sources, original texts, similarity matches of figures and statistics This is easy to understand and shareable with peers by downloading or sharing URLs.
  • The best software is usually a self-service platform. This means only you will have access to data. This adds another layer of security besides the military-grade 256-bit encryption and SSL connection.

All you have to do is integrate your system with the fast and reliable plagiarism API that easily works with the ready-to-use code. The rest of the process is fully automated. You do not have to monitor the essay checker. This lets you focus on other important works. 

What Else Can Be Helpful?

An essay plagiarism checker for the UK is helpful to detect the problematic portions. This is fast and accurate and saves hundreds of hours of manual checking. Have a look at how to deal with the plagiarized parts and reduce the chances of duplicity.


This is one of the most effective ways to make your essays appear original. Reword the sentences and add synonyms wherever possible. Change the voice and the tense. You can also alter the structure and change the information chronology. These go a long way to reduce the chances of duplicate content.


Add quote brackets if you have copied a sentence or phrase word-to-word. This will indicate that it has been borrowed from another source. It also shows that you fully acknowledge the original writer and have no intention of plagiarism.


Check out the citation rules for MLA and APA formats. This will help you make minimum errors while creating a Bibliography or adding references. The essay plagiarism checker of the UK is less likely to identify your work as plagiarised. Combine these techniques with a top-notch anti-plagiarism tool. This will go a long way to ensure authentic work and receive the credit your efforts deserve.

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