Only 2.5% of the total volume of the world’s water is considered to be fresh water and the remaining exist as Oceans. 70% of that freshwater occurs as ice sheets and glaciers while less than 30% is available as groundwater, which can be used to quench the thirst of the entire population. India ranks 133 among all other countries in terms of water availability for every person per annum. The lack of sufficient water sources makes it the scarcest natural resource, and it becomes difficult to meet the water demands.

Water plays an important role for all living forms on the Earth, and for humans, it is no different. Humans use up most of the water for performing different household activities while quenching the thirst stands in front. Due to the huge growth of population, rapid industrialization, urbanization, and the weather conditions of India, water scarcity strikes hard for almost a greater part of the year. Most of the residents, generally from the rural areas, and below the poverty line, depending on the unhygienic sources of water. While some others prefer tap water. This water is delivered from large water plants where the least amount of treatment is carried out and is reached to people at no cost.

Water is useful for us in several ways and especially fresh drinking water is required to quench our thirst. 

  • We can survive a maximum of five days without water. Drinking the right amount of water every day keeps us healthy and get rid of all the unwanted wastes from our body.
  • Treated water or mineral water contains a lot of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc. These minerals keep your bones strong, regulates body temperature, maintains blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and serves a lot more purposes.
  • Clean water is essential for cooking, as any contaminated or unclean water can result in harmful effects to our body such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, stomach aches, cholera etc.
  • Water is required for bathing. This involves direct contact with the water particles, so it must be clean to avoid skin problems, hair fall, and several other contamination diseases.
  • Besides these, water is used for different household purposes like cleaning houses, washing utensils and clothes. Industries and agricultural lands also require a huge amount of water.

But it has been constantly reminded that drinking unclean water leads to several water-borne diseases and India loses its economy due to this factor. Doctors have mandated the use of mineral water for several heart patients and others. Mineral water refers to the water collected from natural sources like underground reservoirs and mineral springs and undergoes a little treatment or no. This water has a variety of health benefits. Similarly, the packaged water bottle companies are delivering packaged drinking water that is clean, and pure. A Bisleri 10 litre price can be a little high for some people but it delivers high-quality drinking water that is completely safe and pure.

The packaged water producing companies collect the water from trusted sources and allow them to undergo several steps. These include Chlorination and some companies prefer ozonisation, multiple filtrations like carbon filtration, sand filtration, and micron filtration, and reverse osmosis. These processes get rid of all the unwanted and harmful particles, excess minerals, and odor, as well as changes the taste. Some of the global brands include a mineralization step to add the important minerals that get excluded while performing different treatment procedures.

Bisleri is one of the top global brands fulfilling the trust of purity and quality of every Indian household for over a decade. It produces packaged drinking water along with minerals like magnesium and potassium. These two minerals are highly appreciated for health benefits. There are different sized water bottles available at the official site of Bisleri. A Bisleri 10 litre price nearly rupees 110 and it serves the thirst of a small family at an event.

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