Accidental plagiarism is usually unintentional. It happens when a person forgets to add proper references or in-text citations, misquotes the sources or does not summarize the texts properly. This way, you might end up misrepresenting someone else’s work as you own. However, regardless of your intentions or degree of plagiarism, the aftermath is more or less the same. The original author has the right to sue plagiarists in the federal court and seek monetary penalties. In serious cases, you might have to serve jail terms for a short period.

Therefore, it is important to know what plagiarism constitutes and how to avoid errors. This is because lack of motive does not make it any less wrong. Further, you can save yourself from false allegations and improve the chances of high grades too. Have a look a few smart hacks to stir clear of plagiarism.

Scan Via Plagiarism Checker

Pick an AI and machine learning based anti-plagiarism software which is fast, automated and accurate. The best one is able to compare your work against countless sources like academic journals, licensed private database and archives. The software will offer an easy-to-read report which comes with similarity matches, statistics and copied materials. Pick the one which is reliable and can be easily incorporated in your system with API that works with the ready to use code. This can help you stay away from the consequences of plagiarism.

Learn to Paraphrase

The 4 Rs of paraphrasing are read, restate, repair and recheck. Further, read the entire material and try to recreate in your own words. Avoid same words from the content as much as possible. Change the sentence style and structure whenever required. You can also break down long ones and vice versa for a more genuine appearance. Lastly, use fresh examples to add the much-required authenticity. Further, look for good paraphrasing tools to make the work easier

Limit Quotations
The more you pick others’ work, greater is the chance of accidental plagiarism. In fact, too many quotations can suggest that you do not understand the content. Consider rewording the quotes before presenting them in your paper. This reduces the chance of cheating or accidental plagiarism to a great extent. However, if you wish to use the words as they are in the direct speech, make sure to add the quotation bracket. Be careful and double check your work before submission.

Use Original Content

This is by far the best method to stay away from all types of plagiarism. Research about a particular discipline or topic and try to come up with fresh ideas, thoughts and expressions. You can also substantiate your work with scientific evidences and examples from the internet. This way, your paper comes out to be absolutely genuine and reports could have minimum plagiarism percentage when scanned by the authorities.

Putting these tips into action can help you safeguard your paper from getting flagged for plagiarism. Make the best use of available tools like paraphrasing, grammar and spelling and duplicate content detectors for high-quality work.

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