A free wireframing tool that is powerful for UX designers, built by the world’s leading creative technology is Adobe XD. With XD if the designer is looking forward to create some user flowcharts, information architecture, navigational structure Adobe XD will be an all-in-one design tool. It works well for teamwork, it is quick to visualize ideas and share them with your extended team so that the structure and content can be aligned. Because it has the access to, share links to your interactive and clickable wireframes.

A wireframing tool to visualize design ideas.

XD offers templates and UX elements to create mock-up layouts. It provides the UX designs for user experiences with features like vector drawing tools, guides, grids, and text tools. With zero lag time, you can zoom in and out of the canvas.

Collaboration features of XD

XD creates wireframes in real-time along with other designers. Wireframing in XD helps you to iterate early in the process, this lets your team focus on the core structure and concept, of your user interface.

Features to help you quickly create interactive wireframes are:

  • Vector drawing tools
  • Precision design tools
  • Repeat Grid
  • Prototyping
  • Responsive Resize
  • Components
  • Plugins

Figma is a vector-based tool and it’s cloud-based

Figma also has the ability to work with teams on projects as It is a digital design and prototyping tool used to collaborate, and design organizational systems. It is a UX design application that you can use to create apps, websites, or smaller user interface components. As it is a cloud software and hence there is no need to stop to install, save, or export.

Figma is used by some big brands including

  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • Zoom
  • Dropbox, and
  • Walgreens.

Who Should Use It?

As many good things that are available are always free, Figma is a good tool and with a free plan available it is most appreciated by people working on collaborative teams.

Key features include:

  • Availability of modern pen tool helps you draw any arcs and in any direction as you would wish
  • It has automated tasks via plugins this helps to speed up projects
  • Smart selection tool with auto adjustments
  • Create design components
  • Drag and drop accessible libraries
  • Ability to have unlimited viewers on a project so the whole team can know
  • Inspect design files and grab code snippets
  • Design interactions and mobile-optimized prototypes
  • Smart animation to connect objects and transitions
  • Embedded commenting

UX Design Trends in 2021

There are constant updates happening in the UX design field. Some new features that have not been discussed earlier are listed below. The UX design trends are altered based on the varying tastes of the users. So as business entrepreneurs stand apart from the competitors. The customers will be in a rush to choose solutions that meet their requirements. Follow user experience design trends in 2021, it makes sure that your web platform is visually appealing! That’s the power of UX designing. 

Login Without Passwords

The majority of users forgetting passwords is one of the significant errors made by users while logging into an online web platform. To solve this issue, the latest UI design trends have replaced passwords with face authentication or fingerprints.


Brands are building a friendly relationship now, rather than the old approach of maintaining a professional interaction with their customers. Brands communicate the mission and vision in a form of storytelling in an interactive way. Typography is an interactive design element used as a UX trend. Storytelling will remain very powerful and continue to stay relevant in the following years.

Unorthodox Layouts

A prominent UI trend now is Asymmetrical layouts. It adds a dynamic touch, uniqueness, and certain character to designs, this is possible because of the endless choices in asymmetry. Just ensure Usability and accessibility are kept in mind while designing.

Air Gesture Control

Another UX design trend that is expected to dominate in 2021 is Air Gesture Control. It’s a huge step to improving the user experience. Now touch screen options are being replaced by air gestures, like nodding your head or waving your hand would make things work on the phone.

Augmented Reality

Another latest UX design trend that will dominate in the coming year is Augmented reality. It has become prominent use in toy stores, kids’ educational field, celebrations, and everywhere a smartphone exist one can penetrate their business idea through augmented reality.

Layers and Floating Elements

You can create positive emotions among the users if you add 3 D elements, to the website layers along with floating elements. These floating elements can contain text, images, or videos.


Make sure you implement all these UX design trends to dominate in 2021 to reach out to the million customers you target.  Be sure to also consult any website design company for any tech queries.

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