Making a bed with a bedsheet you can’t wait to crawl into is not rocket science. Here’s what one needs to make a wise decision when it comes to buying bed sheet online.

1.) Check for the fibre content:-


  • breathable
  • keeps moisture away
  • quality of linen can be incredibly variable so keep this in mind when purchasing bed linen online


  • Cotton helps to whisk away moisture from your skin
  • The longer the cotton staple better the quality of sheets

Egyptian Cotton:-

  • breathable and lustrous
  • has extra-long fibres
  • luxury item
  • beware of marketing gimmicks by verifying the actual content of Egyptian cotton used when you buy bed sheet online.  

Pima or Supima Cotton:-

Pima cotton is grown from the same type of cotton-like Egyptian cotton just that the location of the crop is America instead of Egypt.

There is a difference in climate and that affects the cotton growth when grown in America.

Pima is high quality but Egyptian cotton is still more premium

Supima is actual pima cotton sold under supima brand.    

Cotton Blend:-

A cotton blend is a mix of cotton and other material for the benefit of both cotton and another synthetic maker. 

Synthetic material makes it more affordable, durable and wrinkle-free while cotton fibres make it breathable and comfortable    


Synthetic fibre makes the sheets durable and stains resistant.

Polyester does not absorb water so not good for regulating body temperature.

Polyester can irritate the skin.

Bamboo Rayon:- Rayon is a chemically treated material created from bamboo and is suitable for any season.

The absorbent weave helps to whisk away moisture from the body so that it stays dry and comfortable all night.

These kinds of bed sheets however wrinkle easily.

Silk:-Luxurious on the skin, silk is also a great choice if you have allergies or skin condition.

Real silk requires care including hand washing for the first few times you use the bedsheet.

2.)Check for the type of weave

Percale:- This is a plain weave fabric that’s higher than 220 threads per square 10 cm.

The better the quality of the cotton used the better the sheet will be.


Sateen should not be confused with satin (another type of weave)

in sateen, the thread is woven over three and under one and then alternates

It makes an extremely soft smooth and lustrous feel.

Jersey Knit:- Same cotton knit as used to make comfortable t-shirts.

The stretchy softness makes them incredibly soothing to sleep.

Flannel:-made of 100 per cent cotton, flannel is a medium to the heavyweight sheet material.

3.) Check for the bed sheet sizing

The bedsheet comes in these sizes:-

  • Single
  • King Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King

So before purchasing your Bedsheet online or offline keep in mind the above-mentioned points and make your bedroom sleep-inducing and comfortable.

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