Maintaining personal hygiene is integral to a healthy lifestyle, and a good shower is our first way to ensure that we are in the right direction. While you may feel fresh and super clean after a shower, can you retain the effects of it once you use your old regular towel to dry off? Towels are constantly exposed to moisture and ensuring that they remain clean and germ-free can be tricky. They might look spotless on the surface but can still be quite dirty for something that has to be in direct contact with your body on a regular basis.

So, how do you ensure that you have a clean and fresh towel around? Here are a few points to keep in mind for having a hygienic post-shower experience.

Avoid Old Towels

The first thing that you should ensure is to check the life of your towel. If the towel has lost the absorbing capacity or has become too rugged for your skin, it is time to bid the old companion goodbye and replace it.


The constant contact with moisture makes towels a very suitable breeding ground for germs, leading to inevitable harm to your skin. Strictly avoid leaving your towels damp after use and dry them properly before using them a second time.

Sunlight, here, will be your towel’s best friend. Drying them under direct sunlight is preferable as the heat from the sunlight can eliminate the possible breeding of germs.

Regular Washes

You should always wash a towel regularly without a miss. While the washing might not be possible daily, you should make sure to wash your towel every second day to maintain your personal hygiene.

Use good quality detergent, and do not go overboard with the fabric softener as it can hamper the life of your towel. You should also make sure to wash your towels separate from your usual laundry that has regular clothes.

The Right Material

While towels come in different materials, choosing the right according to the climate and skin is crucial. One should go for towels made up of materials that absorb quickly and are easy to dry. 

This is why cotton towels are a very good option as they are quick to dry and easy on the skin. Cleaning these towels is also hassle-free compared to the towels made of the weave of terry cloths. You can easily find multiple options if you look for cotton towels online at a reputed brand like Story@Home. 

Different Towels for Different Use

You should always make sure to have different sets of bathing and hand towels. Since hand towels are more frequently used, keep a set of them with you at all times. And if you are someone who feels lazy in going out to buy stuff or keep forgetting to get these subtle essentials whenever you are out for shopping, just look for some easily available sets of hand towels online.

Sharing is Not Caring

While we tend to share all our possessions with our loved ones, towels are one such thing that should be kept very personal. In no condition should you be letting anyone use your hand or bathing towel. This ensures that there is no transmission of germs, infection or worse, diseases. Not sharing is the key to caring when it comes to towel hygiene.

Mark your Initials to Differentiate

If you live with your family or have flatmates and there might be a slight chance of mixing up all your towels, it’s better to keep your initials marked on them to avoid mixup.


These were a few pointers to remember while maintaining your towel hygiene. After all, the first thing to come into your body’s contact after a reviving shower deserves to be neat and clean.

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