Snow-blanketed hills and postcard-perfect landscapes await you in this resort and tourist town, nestled in Himachal Pradesh. With so many unique places to visit in Manali, we thought it best to list a handful of key recommendations, which you’ll find below. To answer the question ‘how to reach Manali’, we highly advise that you pre-mark your apps and maps so you take the shortest route to your destination. This is especially important for those who are coming into the state in a private vehicle.

The best time to visit Manali is during the months of November to February, which is wintertime and affords you the best climate to enjoy all that Manali tourism has to offer. December is ideal for those going on a honeymoon. That said, Summertime still remains one of the best times to visit Manali. This is April to June, and various tourist activities come alive during summer.

1. Solang Valley

Aside from being the most popular tourist attraction here – along with Rohtang Valley – Solang is renowned for boasting varied things to do in Manali. From paragliding and parachuting to open jeeps and horse riding, you can indulge these and more at Solang Valley. Skiing opportunities abound in due season, with training available for beginners. Zorbing is also a fun activity pursued by visitors. You’ll find these and plenty of vibrant things to do in Solang Valley. You can certainly also pack takeout from various amazing restaurants in Manali and have yourself a picnic in the valley.

2. Manikaran

In Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu District, and on the banks of the sacred Parvati River, stands a holy pilgrimage destination. Manikaran is dear to both Hindus and Sikhs. Natural hot springs and a plethora of temples draw crowds to the place. Praying in the Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib is an age-old practice here. Bathhouses are still open, with separate ones for men and women. The natural sulphur content in these waters has long been a known remedy for the curing of various ailments and illnesses. Langar is served, cooked using the heat of the water itself. The best time to visit Manali’s Manikaran is all year round, particularly around religious festival days.

3. Beas Kund

A trek to this gorgeous hotspot is sure to make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a new world. Natural sights and sounds complement a trek away from all the noise and hustle of town-life. You can enjoy picturesque moments in and around the Beas River, from where you can also see beautiful vistas of the Pir Pinjal mountain range. The Dhundi and Bakarthach meadows are a sight for sore eyes. And the glacial lake here is the talk of the town.

4. Great Himalayan National Park

Club Mahindra resorts in Manali will certainly direct you to this outstanding place. The best time to visit Manali’s Himalayan National Park is during select seasons when you can truly appreciate bird- and animal-watching opportunities. Inside the park, over 31 mammal species and 181 bird species can be found living in their natural habitats. Oak and deodar trees abound here, adding to the natural beauty and conservation value of this park. Native villages still exist here, each one with its own deity and cultural norms. During the months of April, May, August, and September, fairs are organized in select areas of the park.

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