Goa offers a blissful vacation to tourists with diverse interests. Packed with sundown parties, watersports, and delectable cuisines, it is by far the most alluring destination of India. So, it is hard to leave the beaches and head back home. But you can keep the memories alive by packing in some of the most unique souvenirs from the local markets here. These will remind you of the lively hippie culture and the artistic amalgamation of different religions. Plus, they also double up as great gifting options.

While booking flight tickets from Mumbai to Goa, consider checking out the best shopping areas near your hotel or resort. Make sure to pick the following Goan specialties to capture the essence of the beach state.

Azulejos Tiles

In the ancient times, these were found in churches and palaces. Today, you can pick the vibrant tiles for your home, office and bars. They reflect Spanish and Portuguese history and can be put up on walls or floors. These are available in beautiful floral, geometric and interlocking motifs. You can also have them painted and customized according to your preference. Get them packed carefully to carry in your Mumbai to Goa flights without damage.

Feni and Wine
Head over to Panjim market to shop for the most delicious coconut and cashew feni. These are truly unique to Goa and come in delicate aroma and delightful flavors. Besides this local brew, you can also look for fruit wines and port wines. Most shops also sell alcohol magnets which make for quirky and affordable gifts. Make sure to purchase the drinks from authentic stores for the best deals and genuine products.

Bebinca and Dodol

If you have a sweet tooth, you are in luck! Goa is home to a few of the most amazing desserts, curated carefully by the locals. Get a handful of Dodol and Bebinca packed to take back in your Mumbai to Goa flight. While Dodol is made from jaggery and coconut, Bebinca is made from eggs, coconut milk, sugar and flours. They have a short shelf life. So, don’t wait too long before devouring these goodies.

Graffiti T-Shirts

Although the streets of Mumbai are brimming with affordable tees, there are nothing like the ones from Goa. While booking hotel and air tickets from Mumbai to Goa, check how far you are from Baga Calangute Road. This is the best place to pick some seashell, sunset and coconut tree printed cotton tees. Many are hand painted. You can also shop for fascinating beachwear at affordable prices. 

Coconut Décor

Goa is popular for handicrafts like art pieces, idols, mirror frames and chandeliers made from coconut shells. These are so artistic and appealing that you will want to take all of them home. Locals have honed the technique of creating perfect souvenirs with all parts of the coconut tree. Don’t forget to shop for a few pen-stands, photo frames and ashtrays found in plenty in Bicholim.

Apart from these popular items, tourists also shop for metal trinkets, wall hangings, jewelry boxes, Indian spices, and coconut chikki. Lastly, don’t forget to pick some colorful seashells from the beach as souvenirs.

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