Baby care is not an easy task and it requires attention and special care. Few baby care points to remember are as follows

  • At 10 months of tender age you can start baby care by its brain development by giving them old magazines, picture story book to look at and play with it. Vision should be broad to check that pieces of paper are not swallowed by them.
  • As baby care measure always put a well-fitted nightcap on a baby head while going to bed during first few months of growing, as it will help her to be warm.
  • Attach size tag on a new baby clothes as you can get bigger size if something doesn’t get fitted.
  • Baby care service includes getting vaccinated from doctor if baby faces severe influenza infection (e.g., diabetes, babyren with asthma, or heart disease).
  • Don’t allow your baby to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice as it can lead to tooth decay.
  • Don’t show videos, cartoons to baby. Take baby care an important task and show them a video of a recent family function as they have fun looking at the familiar faces, including her own!

Working parents should take special baby care as when they leave for work, the baby is left on the hand of maids. Instead granny home should be preferred as a best place for baby care. If not then many baby care service or baby care center available but baby care service giving organization or baby care center organization should be checked thoroughly for their availability in market. Baby care center are many whether they provide all the basic amenities need by baby is more important. Baby care service provider, baby care center management head should provide government approved letter for their service availability. Special instruction should be given by parents to the baby care service organization about their baby requirements, baby care should be on high priority by the baby care center.

Everything is important in bring up the baby. Any baby care service provider or baby care center should think, respect every baby as their own baby and give special care to all. Parents should also be cautious before putting their baby in baby care center or in hands of baby care service provider.

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