Colic is a sign if baby cries for more than 3 hours a day, 3 times a week for 3 weeks is a sign which indicate that the baby has colic.

What is colic really?

Baby colic reason is not know yet, or what causes baby colic? Few sign of baby colic is sensitive temperament and an immature nervous system buy no one really knows the causes of baby colic.
Test and studies have been done to find out the reason for baby colic. Studies such as bottle feeding versus mother breast milk and it has been found that that babies that are breast feed are more likely not to get colic. With such trials actual causes for baby colic.

What is the baby colic symptom?

Some of the baby colic symptom could be:

  • Baby colic symptom are baby will cry everyday at same time or may be couple of times in a day or may be at afternoon or evening.
  • Bowel pains with muscle of stomach getting hard. Also gas or stomach may grumble is a baby colic symptom.
  • Baby might pull their foot under them and make a compress fist with their hand may be other baby colic symptom

But do remember these are not a permanent baby colic symptom, baby colic will go away within a couple of days or it may be a couple of months

Get the baby checked by your doctor if your baby keeps on crying for more than few hours a day as it might not be a baby colic symptom but it might be something wrong which is causing your baby to cry a lot.

What are the baby colic treatments?

Some of the baby colic treatments are or could be:

  • Try cuddling your baby or rocking the baby is the utmost baby colic treatment step.
  • Baby colic treatment foremost step is to give the warmth of your body to the crying baby with the colic.
  • Fully wrap the baby in a warm soft tight blanket.
  • If weather permits a walk in the stroller or a car ride might be best baby colic treatment step.
  • Massage the stomach in round, or soft gentle music might be of great help.

Some other baby colic treatments are using a blanket or stroller insert will help the baby a lot. Colic babies will feel secure and comfortable in softness and warmth of the sheep skin. Wool absorbs the sweat or moisture from baby and release air making the baby stay dry and comfortable. Above that if  you can’t keep yourself calm while baby is crying then the best baby colic treatment is to seek help from family and friends.

Always keep in mind or remember: Colic is only temporary and it will fade away by above mentioned baby colic treatment step, and if not then a doctor checkup is what you should go for at once!

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