When you are preparing for attending the ACCA examination, you need to ask few questions to yourself to know your expectations and level of preparation. While appearing for such certified courses, you need to ask yourself the right way that you can prefer for studying. Along with that, you must also ask yourself about which study style can increase the best possibilities of passing.

The professional ACCA coaching institutes offers multiple modes of teaching for the convenience of applicants. You have the opportunity to pick the one that is flexible on your terms. In this article, you will get to know about the available ACCA classes or tuition options that will help you prepare for this accounting qualification.

Online Studying

ACCA online classes are quite feasible in the present situation when the pandemic has put everything on hold around the world. Apart from that, it gives you convenience to learn at your preferable pace without the burden of physical teacher giving you deadlines for the topics.

The best part about online learning is that you do not have to leave your residence for any of the learning aspects. The ACCA classes in Mumbai that offers online learning facility will equip you with all the study materials through the dedicated portals. And, you will get enough time and supervision to utilize those resources.

Face-to-Face Studying

Even though online learning is destined to give you the flexibility and ease of understanding the topics at your own pace, there is still a lack of motivation amidst the aspirants. It is because, they have no idea about the expressive teaching methods by physical teachers. As a result, they miss out on understanding the weightage of each topics.

Therefore, taking a face-to-face studying option for ACCA will give you the chance to interact with your teacher in real-time. They will not just guide you with the weightage of each topic but will also help you understand the core fundamentals by attending your weakest areas. In the process, they will also take note for enhancing your motivation towards qualifying ACCA.

Blended Studying

As the name suggests, blended learning is a combined-mode of studying, where online and face-to-face tuition is implemented together. There are ACCA institutes that are putting up such proposals for the aspirants to take up both online learning & face-to-face tuition altogether for a better learning potential.

With it, the ACCA aspirants will be able to control or manage their time and maintain their pace of learning without much hassle. Online learning will convey the topics and associated fundamentals to the aspirants whereas the face-to-face tuition will help attend the doubts in real-time.


Each of the study style has its own significance and importance. All of it have a single end-goal of helping the aspirant achieve ACCA qualification in one attempt. Irrespective of which style you pick, your dedication and motivation is what will put in the major impact. Therefore, keep up your determination for clearing ACCA levels and pick the right study style that suits your pace of learning.

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