You cannot predict what the future will bring. But you can pre-empt the repercussions of a disaster with life insurance.

We frequently hear news about acquaintances or celebrities meeting with unexpected fatal tragedies. In the recent past, there have been cases of even young people being felled by heart attacks. The entire conundrum of life is that it is completely unpredictable. One moment can be drastically different from the other.

Since you cannot hide at home in fear of future tragedies, it is far wiser to pre-empt the disastrous effects of future emergencies. While these come with their fair share of emotional trauma, their financial effects can also be devastating. The worst hit are those families where the lone earning member meets with an unfortunate demise. The family is faced with years of financial struggle and has to shelve all its dreams.

Do not let this be the story of your life. In the case of your unfortunate demise or disability, your family will be thrown into a spiral of debt and expenses without the advantage of an income. Instead of putting your family through this peril, it is better to take life insurance and ensure that your loved ones are cared for even when you are not around.

In fact, life insurance plans take over your role as protector of the family in your absence. They cushion the family against the trauma of having no money for daily living and larger heads of expense. Rising inflation and high living costs can daunt the hardiest family, and one with no available income will naturally quail at the prospect. But taking adequate life insurance will prevent this eventuality.

It may be your dearest ambition to repay your home loan, or see your children graduating from the best of colleges, and to give your spouse all the material comfort money can buy. On the other hand, you are plagued by thoughts of how these dreams will be shattered upon your untimely death. With a good life insurance policy at hand, you need never worry. Your family’s goals and dreams will remain on course even in your absence.

Do not defer taking life insurance in India until an emergency actually strikes. It will be virtually impossible to get a policy at that stage. Also, the benefits of life insurance become clear only after a certain period of time has elapsed. Thus, the best time to take life insurance plans is when there is actually no need for it! Taking it when you are secure on all fronts will ensure that the policy will help you when your circumstances change.

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