Fundamentally put, the Fund of Funds (FoF) is a Mutual Fund scheme where investment is made in other accessible Mutual Fund schemes. Overseas Fund of Funds/ International funds offer opportunities for Mutual Fund investing Overseas, like investment in the units of foreign companies. Else it may not be simply possible for aggressive investors to accumulate wealth out of existing mutual fund schemes. As the Indian market has a very low association with some of the abroad markets, having global exposure to Mutual Fund investing Overseas guarantees healthy diversification and gives leverage to the value of wealth growth through foreign currency as a benefit.

Emerging markets equity fund


Investment objective

The main investment aim of the scheme is to make long term wealth growth. By investing in the International Equity Funds, investment is made for the purchase of units of leading international companies, which invests mainly partiality in the equity-related securities of companies designated or else reasonably tied to rising markets in overseas countries. Though, Mutual Fund investing Overseas cannot guarantee that the investment objective of the Scheme will be achieved and gained. At the same time Scheme does not guarantee or indicates any of the returns. This is a matter that is important and one should keep in mind even while investing in the best international Mutual Funds.

Investment strategy

The Scheme will be principally to invest in the units of emerging companies. The emerging companies give the flexibility for investments to be made transversely along the whole foreign equity fund setting and the next approach is that it is unrestrained by region, market cap or benchmark. During the bottom-up selection procedure, Mutual Funds investing Overseasaims for a 35―45 stocks portfolio and the outcome can come in alpha potential and active shares of a high degree.

The best international Mutual Funds search for the most powerful investment facilities surrounded by the emerging market which focuses on:

  • Innovative and unruly businesses driving structural shifts in their industry sector
  • Businesses that are well designated and structured to gain from secular demand style determined by higher product offerings
  • Businesses that have justifiable business models with noteworthy competitive obstacles to entry

The Fund targets to achieve a long term growth of capital. This is principally achieved through investing in companies during the early stages of their growth.

Advantages of International Investing

These days people are very inclined towards international mutual funds and the reasons are

  • Diversification
  • Equity funds
  • Open-end Fund
  • Bond Funds
  • Professional management
  • Expediency

Global equity opportunities fund

Investment Strategy –The scheme will primarily invest in the units of emerging companies or maybe comparable mutual funds, having an investment purpose, policy & menace profile alike to the stated essential fund.

 Investment objective

The most important investment objective of the Scheme is to make long term capital development from a varied portfolio of units of overseas mutual funds. Though, no statement is mentioned that the investment aim of the Scheme will be achieved. The most vital caution is that the Scheme does not state or guarantee any kind of return.

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