Bath linen though seemingly small in the Grand scheme of things has an important role to play in anyone’s daily routine. Making sure that you use the correct kinds of bath sheets, towels, hand towels, etc. can do you a world of good.

One must also look for quality and material if the bath sheets or towels agitate your skin, whether the material soaks up the water properly, and several more factors. To ensure one makes an informed decision here are a few details about what to choose and what to expect when shopping for towels sets and bath linen.

Types of linen

Bath towels

These towels are universally used for a variety of drying tasks. It can be used to dry off after a shower. It can also be used to dry damp hair. The towels are usually available in sizes ranging from 27” × 52″ to 30″ × 58″. They are often used in small bathrooms, children’s bathrooms, and guest bathrooms. Bath towel sets are a necessary purchase for any homeowner.

Bath sheets

Bath sheets are a larger version of both towels. They keep you nice and warm from head to toe when you’ve stepped out after a bath. This type of bath linen is perfect for Master bathrooms and Large bathrooms. Bath sheets are available in different sizes from 35″×60″ to 40″×70″.

Hand towels

Hand towels are a must in every bathroom, washroom, or powder room. When one has finished washing their hands a small hand towel is needed to dry off their hands before they do anything else. No one wants to walk around with damp hands. Hand towels are practical and affordable. They are available in sizes ranging from 16″×28″ to 18″×30″. They are a necessity for every bathroom or powder room.

Finger towels

These towel sets can add elegance and class to your bathroom. They are slightly smaller than hand towels. However, finger towels have been used by many be it homeowners or the hospitality industry to heighten the look and feel of a bathroom. Finger Towels are available in the 11″×18″ size and are commonly found in powder rooms or small bathrooms.


These towels are perfect for washing your face after a long day. They can also be used in the shower to wash away the day’s dust and grime. Some even find washcloths useful for cleaning up the spills on your bathroom counter. They come in the 13″×13″ size and are usually placed near showers or bathtubs. One may choose to buy their towel sets by visiting the shops or they might find it more convenient to buy their towel sets online. Whatever the case, one must consider the type of material the towel set is made up of. Several find that cotton, specifically Egyptian cotton, Turkish Cotton, and Bamboo towels offers the perfect combination of features one needs in a towel. Each of these is highly recommended when it comes to durability, quality, most absorbent, and softness. Most find that these types of materials perfect to add to their collection of bath linen.

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